We’re a fast-growing, sustainable brand with a range of all-natural deodorants that are infused with passion and purpose.

Are there other natural deodorants on the market? Sure.

That’s why we decided to go above and beyond what was already out there to offer a deodorant that makes a tangible impact on the environment every time you make a purchase.

With exceptional quality ingredients that are combined to be gentle on the skin, the Tribal range is geared towards enhancing your daily routine with products that have reliable results while caring for your body. That means you never have to worry about synthetic scents or hoard-to-pronounce contents.

But using a natural deodorant can’t change the world – can it?

Well, that’s where you might be surprised. We’ve set out on a mission to upgrade the simple deodorant stick into a thought-provoking, earth-conscious product with a significant global impact. 

How do we do it? For every Tribal product that you invest in, we’ll do our part in the fight against global warming by planting a tree. In this way, your purchase will have a direct and measurably positive effect on our planet’s wellbeing, allowing you to make a global difference when you prioritize your own health.

Coming together for a purpose.

In establishing the Tribal brand, our founder also wanted to create a community of eco-conscious people from all walks of life. The Tribe unites for the mutual causes of showing more respect to one’s body and saving our planet, one humble deodorant at a time. The brand name ‘Tribal’ was inspired by the idea of a group of people uniting for a common goal – to return to nature and take bold steps towards sustainability.

 But what does it all mean?
Simply put, being part of the Tribe means that:

  • You no longer have to compromise on results when you ditch the unpronounceable.
  • You can look after your own health and our planet’s wellbeing at the very same time.
  • You can enjoy the benefits of superior ingredients and outstanding quality without breaking the bank.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, you have a community of people who are behind you all the way.