How do you make Natural Scents last longer on the skin?

Author: Sreepriya Menon.

Dolled up for a favourite occasion, you always wanted to smell great throughout the day. And when using a natural scent, this is quite a big step since you may not know whether the natural fragrance will stay for a longer duration or not. Switching to natural scents is quite an intriguing part for the customers. Since none knows how effective natural scent is compared to synthetic scents. Most likely the question arises about how long the smell lasts when you are using a natural scent. Unlike synthetic scents, natural scents are more likely to fade away quite earlier than expected. 


What makes you think the synthetic scents stay longer?

Synthetic scents are composed of basically synthetic ingredients. These ingredients are engineered to maintain the aroma for a longer duration even after the dry down. The very ingredients in these synthetic scents are designed to last longer.


How do you make a natural scent last longer?

Let's take a look at some tips to help the natural scent last longer.


Moisture your skin first

While moisturizing the skin, it gives you a fixative layer to fasten these molecules to the skin. As it entrapped these scent molecules in the oily layers, it takes time for them to escape away. The oily layer protects the aroma and stops perspiration from interfering, hence the natural scent stays from evaporation.


Layer your fragrances

This is one traditional method in which you can first take a shower in a similar scent or like body soak or body wash of the complimentary or the same scent before applying the scent.


Apply everywhere not just the pulse points

Pulse points are spaces that are general activators for the scent but just applying on the pulse points will cause the scent to break down easily. It is good to apply to other parts especially on the lower part of the body to help the scent stay longer.


Keep the natural scent away from sunlight and heat

Strong sunlight and heat can be the major cause for the natural scent to disintegrate and disappear. It is ideal to keep the scent away from direct sunlight and heat.


Do not get your body overheated

After applying the natural scent, do not go for a run or work out in the gym etc, as it will wear out soon. The best way to get the scent back is to re-apply it.


Set your expectations

Natural scents, unlike the synthetic scents, have its limitations, but again are better than synthetic scents for skincare. Since the natural scents are composed of a myriad of natural and unpredictable natural materials, they behave differently depending on the region and seasons. Enjoy the secret essence of natural scent by taking care of your skin naturally.

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